Deppe/Thornton Wedding 1/27/01

January 27, 2001

Dear John,

"What A Bash!"

Those were the words of my new mother-in-law, apparently uttered over and over on her way home from my wedding January 27, 2001. Similar sentiments have been shared with me from countless reception guests as well.

There's no doubt that The Fundamentals were [Instrumental] [Fundamental] [Mission critical] (Choose one - I can't decide!), to the success of the celebration. Everyone truly enjoyed the outstanding performances of every band member in turn.

I truly appreciated the professionalism, enthusiasm and great humor you all brought to the occasion. Working with you was effortless: your experience and assistance in planning the evening were invaluable, and it was very liberating to know that the entertainment was one part of the evening I could count on to be flawless.

Thank you for everything. I have strongly recommended you to several acquaintances, and would be delighted to provide a personal recommendation to anyone looking to book your phenomenal group.

Very truly yours,

Dawn (Deppe) Thornton