Potts/Figari Wedding 7/22/06

July 26, 2006

Dear John and the Members of The Fundamentals,

As we discussed following your performance at The Old Federal Reserve on July 22, we would like to put in writing for the benefit of each of you that we were absolutely thrilled with the effort, attention to detail, scheduling of songs, professionalism and obvious abundant musical talent that you demonstrated to us. The band's song list provided the kind of diversity that made the night so special for all of us. Your willingness to work with all our special requests created memories that will last forever.

Since last year, we were at three of your public events. The band's musical diversity was one of the two reasons why we selected The Fundamentals. The other reason was the length of time that you have been together and the stability that it provided. This lead to your group being more of a family with associated elevated expectations that the performance would go on irrespective of illness, broken bones, etc. With a band as large as the Fundamentals, there is always someone who may feel "under the weather," but in your case, "the show must go on" concept is in your hearts. Lee Ann, thank you for being there for us despite your recent injury.

Once again, we want to thank you Elena, Lee Ann, Chris, Bob, Marc, Marvin, Tom, Zac, and John so very much for all your efforts. It was truly an incredible evening thanks to each and every one of you. We will follow your schedule and will look forward to seeing you again. Love and thanks!!!

Very sincerely,

Mardi and J.B. Potts
and Amelita and Steve Potts