Kronbetter/Malchow Wedding 4/29/00

May 9, 2000

Dear John:

April 29th, 200 has come and gone, but the memories of that very special wedding day when our daughter, Julie, married Chad Malchow will be remembered forever.

My wife and I remembered driving from Fresno to Carmel in the rain several months before our daughter's wedding just to hear The Fundamentals perform live. Oh sure, we heard The Fundamentals CD. but how would they perform live, in person? Would they be as spectacular live, in person, as on their CD? As you know John, after hearing much of the great performance that night and after meeting many of the band members, personally, we were fortunate enough to contract the group for Julie and Chad's wedding reception at The Old Federal Reserve Building in San Francisco.

Please share this compliment with the entire band. You are each top professionals in every respect; you give new meaning to the word "GREAT" and your warmth and friendship will be remembered for a long time. The brilliance with which you played, the enthusiasm and high performance quality of the vocalists and instrumentalists of The Fundamentals added final perfection to a wedding celebration that will forever be remembered. Our guests are still 'raving" about your group.

The Fundamentals are NUMBER ONE!! Thanks you again, for a truly outstanding performance that night.

Chuck and Mary Jean Kronbetter