Frost/Belanger Wedding 10/20/03

October 20, 2003

Hello John!
Mark and I are finally back from our month-long honeymoon, and I just had to write you and the band to tell you THANK YOU.

I cannot emphasize my gratefulness enough.

First of all, we were absolutely delighted with the Fundamentals--the variety of songs, the richness of Chris, LeeAnn and Elena's voices, the fantastic abilities of the musicians, the tight board operation, even the equipment set-up--you made the atmosphere. I have been to many, many weddings, and I have NEVER seen people jump up and dance the way they did when you started playing. I would almost swear that you slipped something into our drinks if I didn't hear for myself what a terrific job you did.

Over the years, weddings have evolved from simple ceremonies to all out weekend retreats. Increased social importance placed on weddings has resulted in complicated events becoming the norm.

You perfectly followed our complicated wedding schedule. I was so impressed. Not only that, but your planning call before the event was most helpful in creating an interesting "dinner dance" format--something we are so pleased to have done!

Last and certainly not least, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing my band, the Bootcuts, to play. Allowing us to use your drum kit ("no drum bashing, please!"), the microphones, amps, sound man, was extremely generous. We were so pleased to find out later that the sound man was familiar with our band from the El Rio! It's difficult to mix seven other musicians then go back to the Fundamentals mix. It was the best sound and best "show" we have put on--in five years of playing around town.

As you can see, I am still high from the evening, and most grateful to you. Let's face it--all good parties come down to the band. Am I right?

Thank you again, John and the Fundamentals!


Meg Frost Belanger

Megan Frost