Chris Cole - Vocals

Chris Cole ........He's done it all. He's worked with the best in the business. And yes, he does his own hair. And can this boy sing! From Van Morrison to Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson. You name it and Chris can sing it. In fact he is so good, it's scary. A sense of humor? Chris has got an incredible sense of humor. In fact, he can be a one man show. Some of his back stage performances are amazing. But keep the cookies, cake and brownies away from Chris. (ChriChris Coles Cole + sugar = a wild and crazy time.)

If you would like a little more info about Chris, come out to one of our shows and ask him about the life and times of Chris Cole. I'm sure he would be happy to tell you a few stories about growing up in San Francisco with his five brothers. Or maybe about his days with "Problem Child" or the "Oda" band. What ever you do, don't wait. Come out to a show soon and meet Chris Cole. The Man!

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