Elena Keating - Vocals

When Elena Keating was a youngElena Keating teenager, she was interviewed by a reporter from the school newspaper. Asked where she wanted to take her vocal talents, she replied, "Someday I want to sing in a band." Little did she know where her voice would take her.

Elena first started to sing at a very young age, listening to her mother sing around the house in a beautiful, throaty, 40's jazz kind of way. She knew she wanted to learn how to sound that good and spent untold hours listening to records and trying to figure out how singers did what they did. "There was a lot of different kinds of music in my house: Ella, Frank, Linda Ronstadt, Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, soundtracks from musicals and later a lot of rock and funk that my older sisters introduced me to. I wanted to absorb it all." Elena worked on her singing all through childhood, but other than school choral groups, kept it pretty much private until she felt ready to show people what she could do and that came in high school where she was awarded a music scholarship to study voice and began classical training with Richard Wagner of The Berkeley Repertory. She performed whenever she could in high school and college musical productions and later studied vocal technique with Judy Davis who had worked with many of the greats in show business.

Elena Keating has worked with Elena KeatingSan Francisco Bay Area bands such as: The Violet Fox Band, Wall Street and The Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. She also worked with producer Narada Michael Walden, who chose her to be a lead singer in his girl pop group. He also invited her to sing background vocals on records for Tevin Cambell, Shanice Wilson, Lisa Fisher, Nikita Jermaine and Clarence Clemmons. Elena was also a member member of The Eric Martin band, singing backgrounds for Eric & sometimes being featured on a solo spots. With Eric's band she, shared the stage with: Eddie Money, Chris Isaak, The Doobie Brothers and Styx, to name a few. She has also shared the stage with world class talent including: Chaka Kahn, Al Jarreau, Lisa Fisher, Michael McDonald, Melissa Manchester, Richard Marks, Patty Austin, Angela Bofil, Eric Martin, Philip Bailey and The Four Tops.

Elena joined The Fundamentals in April of 2003 and has become an integral part of the Fundamentals sound. She also teaches private voice lessons at her home in Novato and frequently sings the National Anthem for The A's, Giants, Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings. (BIG Basketball fan!) You'll also hear her voice on radio and T.V. commercials if you listen closely!
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